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Charming House (559 Huron Street)

Welcome to the Annex! Convenient, but calm. Lively, but private. This may sound impossible, but if you walk six minutes from the main intersection of Bloor and Spadina, you will enter a cheerful, tree-lined neighborhood. On the main floor, there is a full kitchen and sunny seating area; and in the basement there is a common room with plenty of seating space. Surrounding the house is a park and a backyard with mature trees offering privacy, scenery, and natural sunlight. Our favourite bedroom is on the second floor, featuring a mural and a sunroom with windows along 3 walls! (It feels like being in a treehouse.)

Elegant Victorian House (582 Spadina Avenue)

Welcome to Harbord Village! Are you always on the move? Do you already have the itinerary for your entire stay planned down to the hour? If you would like to jump into the downtown Toronto experience, this house, located directly on a main road may be for you. In fact, the Spadina Streetcar stop is just across the street! This house a very short walk to Kensington Market, Chinatown, University of Toronto and more, and only a two minute walk from parking (subject to availability). Enjoy private bedrooms and a shared kitchen, common room and bathrooms.

Gorgeous Heritage House (604 Spadina Avenue)

Welcome to Harbord Village! This house is excellent for hosting a private social gathering or chatting with other guests between excursions in the city. Considering its appealing location, this house is huge! Guests can easily explore the city, relax in private rooms, then check out the common room. The entire basement of this traditional house has been transformed into a large, open plan communal area including a full kitchen, dining areas and a comfortable lounge. Hint: if you’re looking for a quiet place to read, check out the sunroom on the second floor.

Lovely Downtown Historic House (165 Lowther Avenue) 

Welcome to the Annex! If you walk three minutes from the main roads, you will find this traditional home. Blend into a thriving social scene and make yourself at home! 165 Lowther and its sister house (167 Lowther) are well suited for group bookings. There is a wall of storage cupboards on the main floor so you can really get settled. The kitchen connects to a seating area with natural light from backyard-facing bay windows. This house has maximum common space, with living areas on both the main floor and in the basement.  

Stunning Home (167 Lowther Avenue)

Welcome to the Annex! This resedential neighborhood is a social hub and known for its proximity to food, entertainment, shopping, public transit and the University. 167 Lowther and its sister house (165 Lowther) are great for large families, teams and groups of friends. The bedrooms offer a variety of accommodation options, and there are two communal living spaces. Enjoy plenty of natural light. Many of the bedrooms feature bay windows, or even an entire wall of windows facing the backyard. There is something for everyone!