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Method of Booking: Two main methods are available to book/reserve Toronto Heritage Residence rooms.
  1. Below each room listing, you can select the button that says "View Airbnb Room Listing" to book the given room directly through Airbnb. This will require you to create an Airbnb account.
  2. To reserve a specific room through the website, go to the "Reservations" tab at the top menu and fill in the requirements to submit a request to book your desired room or click on the button below. One of our representatives will be in touch with you shortly afterwards.

Dejardins Room (Room 101)

Sunny double room with a pleasant view of Spadina Avenue. The room retains the houses’ original antique Victorian style stained glass windows. It is equipped with two twin-sized beds, a bed side table a lamp and plenty of storage.

South Room (Room 102)

Beautifully decorated and very large double room. The room comes equipped with a twin-sized bed, a desk, two bed side tables, 2 lamps and a fan.

West Room (Room 103)

Charming and spacious single room filled with natural light. The room is equipped with a twin-size bed, a bed side table, a lamp and a fan. Easy access to bathroom and kitchen

Green Room (Room 201)

Delightful second-floor single room with a view of Toronto’s bustling Spadina Avenue. The room comes with a writing desk and a walk-in closet, and is decorated with fauna and candles.

Spadina Room (Room 202)

Spacious single room equipped with a desk and a pleasant view of Toronto’s Spadina Avenue. The perfect space for the working traveller. Two large windows afford ample sunlight.

The Fire Place Room (Room 203)

A very charming room, with original features, such as the fire place. A cozy single bed. A quiet and peaceful energy.

Blue Room (Room 204)

This large and homey single room offers plenty of storage space. It is located near the house’s sun room.

East Room (Room 301)

This expansive single room is cozy, and comfy. A quiet third floor room with a great view of Spadina Ave. with ample natural light.

Green Gable Room (Room 302)

Quiet and sunny single room on the third floor. The spacious loft features a twin-size bed, desk and a walk in closet.

South Gable Room (Room 303)

Bright and sunny single room on the third floor. The gable features two large windows, a desk and a walk-in closet.

Fauna (Room 304)

Large and cozy single room with a modern ambience. The room is pleasantly sunny and earned its name from the flowers that decorate it.